We are a sustainability-led company offering an

exquisite skin care collection.

Joji strives to be a beautiful example of sustainability.

Joji’s skin care collection is full of ethically sourced organic, fair trade and cruelty free raw materials. 

Environmental sustainability permeates every aspect of Joji and here are some of our commitments:


Our suppliers hold organic and cruelty certifications and each has a sustainability policy - aligning with our values


Our products are handmade in small batches.


We use 100% green energy


We use only glass and aluminum containers, all readily reusable & recyclable.


In 2020, we will launch our refill programme on our most popular products.


All our shipping is carbon offset. We travel using walking, cycling and public transport wherever possible.

In 2020 we will offset the carbon footprint of our raw material deliveries.

Jo Mortensen founded Joji as a force for good in the beauty industry.


Her career in sustainability led her to create uncomplicated, effective skin care products that she would trust.


She feels it is important for people to own their environmental  responsibilities - not with guilt, but with clarity and commitment.


Every shift you make in your life toward a more sustainable future matters, even how you choose to wash your face.

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